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PebbleStone FAQ'S

1. How long does Pebblestone take to install? 
Answer: It normally takes about one day. It depends on the condition and size of the job.

2. How long until you can walk on it?
Answer: You may begin to walk on it between 24 - 36 hours.

3. What kind of surface can Pebblestone be installed on?
Answer: Concrete, wood and metal.

4. What do you use for edging around patios?
Answer: You can use metal or plastic tile edging purchased at Lowes or Home Depot.

5. Is Pebblestone slippery?
Answer: We sell an additive to add to the mix to make the surface as anti-skid as possible. You only need the anti slip on stairs.

6. How thick is the Pebblestone installed?
Answer: Depending on the condition of the surface it can be installed 3/8 - 1/2 or thicker.

7. Can you install Pebblestone in a shower or in a bathroom? Answer: Yes. We recommend installing a rubber membrane on the surface first, then install the Pebblestone.

8. How do you clean Pebblestone?
Answer: A shower should be cleaned once a week with 50/50 bleach and water. Or you can steam clean and vacuum on the inside, or pressure wash and hose on the outside. If its around the pool, use 50/50 chlorine once a month. 

9. Reseal
You need to reseal your Pebblestone every year.

10. Can you use Pebblestone on the bottom of the pool?
No the chemical reaction will whiten the stone. You can how ever use it around the outside of the pool since the Pebblestone is not covered in the water 24/7.

11. Is Pebblestone soft to walk on?
The answer is yes it is very good for your feet. Some customers have said it is therapeutic 

Rubber Flooring FAQ'S

1. What is a flexible rubber surface?
Answer: It is a our-in-place application comprised of rubber granules mixed with a special formulated polyurethane binder. The product is mixed on site and troweled by hand onto an existing sub-surface. this is done by professional installers. Options are available for skilful installers to install custom patterns and designs.

2. Where can this surface be use?
Answer: This innovative surface can be installed in any area that needs a permanent, skid resistant, resilient surface. While withstanding most temperature changes effecting ground movement. It can be easily troweled around railings, support beams or benches. This is used in both residential and commercial pool/spa decks and patios, walkways. The possibilities are endless. This material is essentially the same high quality materials that have been used in the sports industry for years.

3. What colors does it come in?
Answer: See our color options page.

4. What surface base does it cover? And how thick will it be?
Answer: It can be installed on most solid substrates such as concrete, asphalt or wood. this surface is an excellent alternative or replacing cracked or uneven concrete. It is hand troweled into a 1/2'' nominal thickness. In certain applications, extra cushion can be added is desired. 

5. How soon can I walk on the surface? Is it slippery or hard on base feet?
Answer: Depending on the temperature and humidity, it should be ready for foot traffic after 24-72 hours from installation. However, we recommend another 3-4 days before heavy objects are placed on the surface. Much like a rubber bathmat, this surface is non-skid and is soft on the feet; even when wet.

6. Will the color of the surface fade or change?
Answer: All colors when used in an exterior environment will fade under the suns ultraviolet rays. The colored rubber granules have good ultraviolet stability. Depending on the polyurethane binder, you may go through a ambering (yellowing) period depending on sun exposure.

7. Will water puddle on the surface from rain, hosing or pool water?
Answer: the water filters through the rubber surface to the sub-base and what ever direction it is slopped, is the direction the water will run.

8. How do I clean it?
Answer: You can vacuums or damp mop interior applications. Outdoor applications you can use a leaf blower or spray with a garden hose. in some cases you may use a pressure washer with soap and water (to a maximum of 1500 psi).
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