About Pebblestone

An innovative flexible stone surface that can cover a wide range of existing or new surfaces. Anywhere you are looking for a flexible, skid resistant surface. This is the perfect alternative to concrete replacement, allowing for resurfacing damaged or uneven concrete. Because it is accommodating to temperature change and ground movement, it is ideal for many indoor or outdoor residential or commercial applications. The color options provide you with endless design options that allow for individual creativity and personal preference. 

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Where can pebblestone be used?

- Wooden Decks
- Ashphalt Driveways
- Pool Surfaces
- Sunrooms
- Offices
- Garage Floors
- Front Stairs
- Pool Decks
- Bathrooms
- Locker Rooms
- Porches
- Basements
- Home Gyms
- Play Areas
- Golf Course Paths
- Walkways/Sidewalks
- Patios
- Fitness Tracks
- Lobbies
- Daycare Centres